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How do i contact telstra broadband customer service?

Contact Telstra customer service regarding Broadband Plans To contact and get Telstra NBN Broadband, simply call or click 13 22 00 for a direct line to their call centre. If you’re having trouble with your internet connection, call 13 22 00. You can also reach them via live chat available 24/7.

Why do i have to ring telstra to connect to nbn?

You might have to ring Telstra, because something has come unstuck. Your home phone should have been transferred over to the NBN, and have been connected for you., and you keep the same number Your copper will be disonnected, as that is the legal rerquirement.

How can i contact the nbn without a phone?

Re: how can I contact the NBN without a working phone. NBN Co don't deal directly with with public, so you need to call Telstra on 1800 834 273 or use Livechat to report the problem. They can then troubleshoot with you and organise a technician if required (although, as you have experienced, NBN Co techs aren't always reliable).

What can i do if i have a problem with telstra?

With Telstra Live Chat, you can discuss any of Telstra's services including mobile phone plans, pre-paid plans, or NBN, and find help with issues you might be having with your Telstra account. If you're having a problem with Telstra, you can submit a formal complaint with the company.

nbn Get your first month for just $1 on selected internet plans Try us today for pocket change. Plus get fast home Wi-Fi with a Telstra Smart Modem. Min cost $217 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth. Ends 10 Jan 2022.

After being harassed by NBN sales calls, doing a bit of price comparisons, and telling Telstra that their offering was too expensive and too limited, they came back to me and made me a discounted offer (see the terms, below), that I eventually consented to (eventually, it will become impossible to avoid the NBN, unless you don't want a phone in your house, so it's a case of ...

Re: Home phone number porting. In response to jimbo14. The Telstra NBN products required the phone service attached so porting out the number would typical trigger the cancellation of the entire bundled services because they are usually linked together. The only way it might work is to have the number changed and have the number you want to

Telstra (Retired) August 2016. Re: Trying to extend ring time on home phone on the NBN. In response to LRN_1. NBN customers have had success in extending the ring tone using either: * 99 60 # or * * 61 * 101 * * 30 #.

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