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What are the reasons for becoming a social worker?

The best reason to major in social work is because you love it. You love to help people, to get a lot of intrinsic value out of your career, and to feel like you made a difference.

What careers are available for social workers?

With a bachelor's degree, which is the minimum education needed to work as a social worker, graduates can pursue careers as licensed social workers, case managers or social services directors. Examples of jobs for master's degree holders include mental health therapist and executive director.

Is social work a good career?

5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Social Work

  1. You will find many job opportunities. Aspiring social workers do not need to worry about spending fruitless months in search of a job. ...
  2. The social work career path is versatile. People pursue social work careers because they want to help others. ...
  3. Social work leads to self-improvement. ...
  4. Social workers change people's lives. ...
  5. Social workers change the world.

Do social workers work at home?

If the Social Worker is hired by a company that has its staff work remotely, then the Social Worker works at home. If the Social Worker has a private therapy practice, and runs it out of their home office, they work at home. Some social workers who work in managed care telecommute depending on the company.

Social workers with economic backgrounds are in high demand, as so many family or emotional issues have a bad financial situation at the core of the problem. Some social workers are called Licensed Clinical Social Workers and these function as a combination between a social worker and a mental health counselor.

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