Nebraska State Refund Phone Number

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How do i check the status of my nebraska state tax refund?

You can check the status of your Nebraska State Tax refund online at the Nebraska Department of Revenue website. You will need to know The primary Social Security Number

How do i contact the nebraska department of revenue?

Contact. Nebraska Department of Revenue. PO Box 94818. Lincoln, NE 68509-4818. 402-471-5729. 800-742-7474 NE and IA. Contact Us

Can i cash an expired tax refund in nebraska?

Under Nebraska law, tax refund checks (refund warrants) can not be cashed after one year because they are considered to be expired. At that point, the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR) can no longer reissue the refund.

Where do i mail my 1040n form in nebraska?

Mail your Nebraska Inpidual Income Tax Return, Form 1040N, to one of the following addresses Refund returns or returns without payment. Nebraska Department of Revenue PO BOX 98912 Lincoln, NE 68509‑8912. Returns with payment. Nebraska Department of Revenue PO BOX 98934 Lincoln, NE 68509‑8934

800-232-0057 It is submitted to the Federal Reserve and instructs your bank to “credit” the state’s bank account. Nebraska Tele-pay (businesses only) : Nebraska Tele-pay is DOR’s phone-based electronic payment system. Call 800-232-0057, enter your payment and bank account information, and choose a date (up to a year in advance) to have your account

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