Nayax Vending Customer Service Number

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What is nayax 360 for vending machines?

The Nayax 360° solution for vending machines and unattended automated machines includes cashless payments, an advanced telemetry system, and management software that lets you follow your business in real time.

How do i contact nayax?

Website Facebook View on Facebook LinkedIn View on LinkedIn Twitter View on Twitter Contact Email [email protected] Number 972 3 7694338. Nayax is a leading cashless, telemetry, management, monitoring, and BI solutions provider for the unattended machine industry, including vending machines.

How to get started with nayax vpos touch?

If you are a new customer, sign a contract and complete our short KYC (Know Your Customer), which will take about 2 minutes Install and start earning more money - we will send you the product and create a user for the system VPOS Touch is Nayax’s all-in-one solution for cashless payments and integrated telemetry.

Why choose nayax as your cashless payment provider?

With today’s growing demand from goverments across the globe to move to cashless payments, more and more people are choosing to pay with their phone app or credit card. Nayax brings innovative, customer-focused cashless payment capabilities to unattended retail, while helping businesses increase revenue and manage their operations.

Nayax VPOS Touch. The Nayax VPOS Touch was announced as the international payment system of the year at the Vending Industry Awards. The VPOS Touch has an interactive touch screen with intuitive operation and multilingual support. Users can retrieve extra information about the product, such as it’s the nutritional values, which is considered

410-666-3800 Beverage and Food Vending ; Nayax: The good, bad, and ugly Please Login. Nayax: The good, bad, and ugly the general consensus is that USAT has the more reliable device but poor customer service whereas nayax has the better customer service and crappier device. oops typo on phone number - 410-666-3800 x1113 Link to comment Share on ...

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