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What is the phone number for nasa?

The Customer Service Phone Number of Nasa is: +1-202-358-0001, Fax No: +1-202-358-4338. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is a space research agency in the United States that works under the jurisdiction of the US government. The agency overseas and manages the nation's aerospace and space research programs.

Where is nasa headquarters located?

Two Independence Square, better known as NASA Headquarters, is a low-rise building in the two-building Independence Square complex at 300 E Street SW in Washington D.C.

Where is nasa space center in florida?

The KSC Headquarters Building houses the administrative offices of NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Located on 1 Street in the Industrial Area of KSC on Merritt Island, Florida, it formally opened on May 26, 1965.

What is the address of nasa in washington dc?

Welcome to NASA Headquarters located at 300 E Street, SW, Washington DC. The majority of our personnel are located at this address.

202-358-0327 NASA Hubble Fellowships Program (Hubble, Einstein, Sagan): Patricia (Pat) Knezek: email, 202-358-0327 NICER Guest Observer Program: NICER Programmatic POC: Roopesh Ojha: email NICER Technical POC: Keith Gendreau: email, 301-286-6188 NuSTAR Guest Observer Program: NuSTAR Programmatic POC: Hashima Hasan: email , 202-358-0692

301-286-6086 Contact Info Code 300 Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate Contact Info For further info, please contact Amanda Galaydick at 301-286-6086.

Unfortunately there is no way for you to contact an active astronaut directly. You can, however, write to an astronaut of your choosing at the following address: Astronaut Office/CB. NASA Johnson Space Center. Houston, TX 77058. Be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for them to use to respond to you and also give it some time

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