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How do i contact myzone support?

4) E-mail: [email protected] - meant for club staff and operators only. If you are logged into your Myzone account via an online web browser, contacting Support is also available from your online account.

Is myzone a good place to buy from?

That's myzone doing some of it's best customer service work when ordering online in Australia - just AVOID them because if you need some customer support they are woeful. In my experience, they just keep digging the hole of incompetence deeper. All of this could have been prevented so easily so much earlier. Do not buy from myzone online.

Why do i have to submit a form to myzone?

When you submit this form, you are allowing Myzone to make contact with you and save your data for future communications. If you do not wish for this to be the case, please mention to one of the Myzone team when they return your contact request.

What is the myzone app?

The Myzone App is an easy way to keep track of all your workout data on the go. It’s available from the App Store and on Google Play, and it’s free! Add a profile picture and customize your account so you can be found by friends, contacts and if you are part of a Club you can connect and find friends.

14 Automated systems and bots are fallible, if you are ordering a $200 product being able to sort out an issue promptly with someone who can rectify issues is a reasonable business practice. 15 There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE for myzone online ordering in Australia. Reply. You've already flagged this.

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