Midfirst Bank Customer Service Phone Number

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Is owned by midfirst bank?

MidFirst Bank is a privately owned financial institution based in Oklahoma City. Its primary markets include Oklahoma City, Tulsa, western Oklahoma, Denver, Phoenix and Dallas, with commercial lending offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, New York City, St. Louis and Southern California.

Who owns midfirst bank?

By 1963, Johnston and his son-in-law, George Records, had purchased the remaining 50 percent. Today, the Records family owns 100 percent of the Midland Group. In 1982, Midland Financial Co. purchased a newly formed charter bank in Stilwell, Oklahoma, named it MidFirst Bank and moved it to Oklahoma City.

What is bank customer service?

A bank customer service representative is someone whose role is to provide information regarding the bank’s products and services to its customers.

888-295-5540 MidFirst Bank Credit Card Customer Service: The MidFrist Bank credit card customer service number is 888-295-5540. Midfirst Bank Credit Card. As one of the largest private banks in the U.S., MidFirst Bank is in a position to offer its customers a unique brand of banking.

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