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What is the difference between exe and msi?

The main difference between the two extensions is their purpose. EXE is used mainly to indicate that the file is an executable one. In comparison, MSI indicates that the file is a Windows installer. While an MSI is used only with installers, this is not the case with EXE.

Whats the difference between an exe and a msi installer?

Summary:An EXE is an executable file while an MSI is an installation package.MSI is exclusive to installers while EXE is not.An MSI provides a standard GUI while an EXE provides GUI flexibility.An MSI can do installation on demand while an EXE can't.

Should you run msi or exe setup files?

Rule of thumb: Unless you know what you are doing, it is recommended to use the setup.exe file whenever you have the choice between a setup.exe or an .msi file after you unpack a software installer on your system.

How to install msi package?

Navigate to the MSI file. MSI files are natively executable on Windows, so you can run any MSI file on Windows to install the program without a third-party app ...Double-click the file to run it. This will start the installation wizard, and start installing the program.Follow the installation wizard's prompts. The installation wizard will guide you throughout the setup and install the program contained in this MSI file.Click Close or Finish. You'll see a final message in the installation wizard when your installation is complete.

MSI To EXE Setup Converter is a professional developer solution to create EXE program from the MSI installation file. It allows you to assign application icon to the installer.

There's no such thing as an EXE to MSI converter. In fact, an EXE is most often just an MSI and some other files "wrapped" into an EXE. Look up the EXE's command line switches, and use those. Or, learn how to extract the MSI from your EXE (if it's possible.) If you can't do one of those two things, move on. Trying to "convert" to an MSI can

I'm looking at deploying some software via GPSI and the current version of the software is distributed as a .exe so I need to convert it to an MSI file. furthermore, why does MS still distribute some of its software (WMI Tools) as .exe. windows group ...

Exe to Msi Converter Free's interface is a small dialog offering two entry fields, one for browsing to or entering the Setup Executable and another for adding arguments. Aside from a Web link to the developer's site and three buttons, that's all there is to this tool. There's no Help file, but one is hardly needed since Exe to Msi is

Converter utilities capable of msi file to exe format conversion. It is unlikely that you can find a program that can convert msi to exe in the proper file conversion sense. Nevertheless, you can find tools that allow users to "wrap up" .msi files as .exe files so they can be launched directly. This was done in the past (like 2010) through a

Learn how to convert a non-silent EXE installation into a silent MSI package in just a few clicks. Learn how to convert a non-silent EXE installation into a silent MSI package in just a few

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ClickOnce installer .exe to MSI converter. Ask Question Asked 9 years ago. Active 8 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 2k times 1 I have a ClickOnce deployment package (.exe). If I convert this EXE file to MSI, will that effect the ClickOnce deployment functionalities like automatic updates? windows-installer

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