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Can you use your glasses prescription to order contacts?

Unfortunately not. Your eyeglass prescription only has the power part of the contact lens prescription. In addition to the power the proper base curve (BC) and diameter (DIA) are needed to order contact lenses. Contact lenses come in different sizes and must be fit to your eye by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.

Should i get contact lenses instead of glasses?

AdvantagesContacts conform to the curvature of your eye, providing a wider field of view and causing less vision distortions and obstructions than eyeglasses.Contact lenses don't get in the way when playing sports and exercising.Contact lenses won't clash with what you're wearing.More items...

Can i use my glasses prescription for contacts?

Answer: No, you cannot because contact lenses prescriptions are not the same as eyeglasses prescriptions. They differ because eyeglass lenses are placed further from the eye compared to contact lenses, which are applied directly on top of the cornea.

How to read your glasses rx?

How to Read Your Prescription Standard Grid Format. This is the most common format with clearly printed fields for OD, OS, SPH, CYL, etc.; values are usually entered with computer, but may be handwritten by ... Blank Format. The information on this free-form prescription is usually handwritten. Progressive / Bifocal. ... Prescription with Prism. ... Vertical Prescription. ...

The Axis on prescriptions for glasses can be any number between 1 and 180, however, in contact lenses, the Axis can only be between 10 and 180 in steps of 10. For the contact lens prescription, eye doctors will have to select the closest Axis possible to your glasses prescription, and then refine it later if needed.

Contact lenses prescriptions include certain specifications that are not part of a glasses prescription, these include: Base curve: the base curve measures the curvature of the lens; it is determined by the actual shape of your eye and produces the right lens fitting. Diameter: the lens diameter specifies the overall size of the lens.Along with the base curve, this ...

So a -4.00 glasses prescription is roughly equal to a -3.75 contact lens prescription. You can do the same for astigmatism correction, though it only becomes relevant if the glasses astigmatism is at least -0.75 to -1 diopters (otherwise combine cylinder and spherical from the glasses prescription for the contact lens).

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Answer (1 of 38): There aren't really that many variables when transposing a glasses prescription to a contact lens prescription in all honesty... If it is a spherical rx?(no astigmatism) you vertex the rx at 12mm-14mm(12 is standard) if the rx is higher than a -3.50/-4.00 depending on age and fit

And that’s how to convert a glasses prescription to contact lenses! Important Shortcuts. Despite the simplicity of converting a glasses prescription with astigmatism to contact lenses using the 5 step process outlined above, it’s not always necessary. There are some shortcuts that can save a lot of time in a real-world practice setting.

Contact prescriptions differ from glasses prescriptions. Because contact lens prescriptions require different information, including the size and shape of the lenses, the two prescriptions contain different details 1. It is important to understand the differences before converting contact prescriptions to glasses.

Just recently I got a pair of prescription glasses made and I wanted a prescription for contacts too but my eye doctor was going to charge me 100 dollars just to convert my glasses prescription to soft contact lenses prescription. I would like a pair of soft contacts on the side for emergency.

OD: -4.00 sph in soft lens form due to that slight minustear lens formed upon wear. The OS: eye should ideally have a toric lens for -1.25 cyl.But if a cheaper spherical equivalent is absolutely desired then final a sphequivalent CL Rx would be -4.50 + (-1.25/2) = -5.12, or -5.00sph in soft lens form.

Many people ask if they can convert their glasses prescription to a contacts prescription. The simple answer to this is, "No!" While there may be charts and conversions posted on the Internet, a contact prescription requires an eye examination and contact lens fitting administered by a licensed eye doctor.

My current glasses prescription is: Right - Sph -3.50, Cyl -1.00, Axis 162.0. Left - Sph -3.00, Cyl -1.25, Axis 160.0. My currentl contact lens prescription is: Rght - Sph -3.25, Cyl -0.75, x160. Left - Sph -3.00, Cyl -1.25, x 160. If someone could convert it to normal lenses I would be so grateful!!

Answer (1 of 7): Because that is a frequently asked question, I prepared some charts for it. 20/60 is just a shade over 1 diopter of focus error, but we don’t know in which direction plus or minus, probably minus because your lens would try to compensate if it were plus.

Contact Lens Rx app was developed after extensive research and with the help of numerous experienced opticians and eye care professionals. It uses complex algorithms to provide you with the best, most optimized prescription for your contact lenses. Convert your eyeglasses prescription to contacts prescription quickly; Allows easy input of your

The power of contacts can be calculated from that of glasses.Here is a formula :Fo=Fs/(1-dFs).The Fo means your power of your contacts and Fs means the power of glasses.dFs means the distance between rear vertex of glasses and your cornea.Usually the dFs should be measured by meter it is 0.012m for easterners.For example,the RX of glasses is ...

You want to deliver the best fit, comfort and visual acuity to all your patients who wear contact lenses. We’re here to help. The tools and contact lens calculators below* are designed to help you maximise fitting effectiveness, patient care and practice efficiency. Spectacle conversion calculator Easily convert a patient’s prescription for glasses to the corresponding contact ... is the fastest growing online eyewear and contact lens store selling affordable yet high quality prescription eyeglasses, bifocal eyeglasses and other eyewear. also helps users convert eyeglass prescription to contact lens prescription.'s return and refund policy makes your purchase with mailmylens without any ...

This question as been addressed in this forum before, in one case the thread that resulted from such a question grew to almost 250 posts. The good news is that post #2 gives a formula for converting a glasses prescription to a contact lens one. The bad news is that it doesn't show how to convert a contact lens prescription into a glasses one. I looked around ...

During my contact lens rotation, I learned a neat trick to quickly estimate a contact lens prescription that requires vertexing. This method works great in a clinical/practical setting when you don’t have a calculator and you need to quickly determine a working contact lens prescription from the patient’s spectacle prescription.

Request: How to convert contact lens prescription to glasses prescription. I forgot to ask my optometrist about glasses when he fit me for contact lenses and I don't want to go through the whole rigamarole of scheduling another appointment, going back for said appointment, having him give me a silly look because I'm forgetful, etc. Regardless

Ideally, your glasses prescription will be written to correct your vision to 20/20. But while contacts can achieve 20/20, your doctor will write the prescription within the confines of what the contact lens can handle. Their focus is to get you as close to 20/20 as possible. The two prescriptions are also not interchangeable.

You need the CYL and Axis numbers to get a full prescription. In most cases, a contact lens prescription is less accurate than a glasses prescription, but it's "good enough" for contacts as the eye can kinda compensate, but it doesn't work like that for glasses. Source, 7 years working in an optical practice with 5 years as a contact lens

the RX of contacts can be calculated from the RX of glasses.Here is a formula :Fo=Fs/(1-dFs).The Fo means your prescription of your contacts and Fs means the RX of glasses.dFs means the distance between rear vertex of glasses and your cornea.Usually the dFs should be measured by meter and it is 0.012m for easterners.

glasses online, you will notice that the power increment for SPH is 0.25. Same for buying contacts online. I was going to order my glasses online while I was in the process of getting my contacts fitted. But I waited to make sure because I was concerned that the prescription for the glasses will be different from the contact.

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No: The glasses prescription is a necessary piece of information to determine a contact lens prescription. But there is more to it than that. But there is more to it than that. 5.4k views Answered >2 years ago

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